About the Artist

My art reflects the combination of Man in his environment, the abundance of nature and the unity of the two. Our lives are intermingled, in a physical, psychological and spiritual sense, with nature. The origin of our being is sometimes lost in the modernization of our life. As we try to retain it, through our cultivation of plant life, beauty, and art, we begin to understand not only our physical life, but, our psychological and spiritual depth.

My paintings personally reflect a deeper meaning than is seen on the surface of the canvas. Most of my paintings are preceded by a study of their images and its representation to personal events in my life. These studies began early in my career as I would write a poem pertaining to a finished piece, only to discover more about myself in the symbols represented. A further investigation into this phenomena led to my studies of the Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and his theory of Synchronicity. These studies strengthened my discoveries in an explanation of a unified collective consciousness in which we are all a part of.


Being born and raised in Southwestern Louisiana, I grew up with a love and respect of the nature around me. During my early childhood, my Father worked as an Artist, and later taught me some of the important aspects of painting. My Mother, coming from the era of a cultural explosion in Berlin, also fostered my artistic talent. I excelled in art during my childhood, continued studies during high school and undergraduate work at university. I have done commissioned art work on a regular basis since 1979, have worked on several medical illustrations, and have publications in both Medical Journals and Text.

I started a series of Depictions of the South many years ago. I have also gained an interest in cultural traditional beliefs & customs that enrich the individual and the community. In the United States (the melting-pot of the world), different ideologies have left us in a confused state. The only way to retain our beliefs is to study the aspects of all civilizations and find the basic concepts that are similar. For example, the Painting “African Children of the Sun” is representational of a basic concept to all humanity. Understanding ourselves, our relationship to others,  to the spirit and  to our connection with God is the key to World harmony.

Thank you for your time.