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All Art on Page Original Work by the Artist, and Copyrighted by Sylvia

Custom Designs

Imagine having your favorite scene, vacation spot, a beloved pet, or any imagery that makes you feel good to look up to each day. You can send any image, description, or place, choose exactly how you want it, and get a perfectly personalized original painting for reasonable prices. You will absolutely love it. Having original painted artwork is a special luxury. Treat yourself!

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Discover Unlimited Beauty

Original art infuses your space with an air of beauty and quality that is unmatched. Guests and residents notice the care and excellence of original handcrafted, detailed art. Infuse the walls of your home with beauty of your favorite vacation spot, a local scene, or any place or imagery that is special to you.

Pet Portraits

Pets are members of our family – memorialize and celebrate them in a way far grander and more meaningful than a simple photo.

What People Say

The most common comment is “Everyone loves this painting when they see it!”


Commission by Dr. Robert Stern 36″ x 48″ Acrylic

Original Art for Sale

Lyon Arboretum Oahu Hawaii

Birds in Flight

Night Owl

Fountain at Jardin, Rio

City Park New Orleans

Central Park in the Fall

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